What's Your MYND-Behavior Code?

  •  Mobile MYND-Behavior diagnostic screener and assessments

  • Mobile MYND-Behavior symptom tracking

  • Automated aggregate data blueprint charts to analyze and monitor MYND-Behaviorprogress

Measure and monitor your emotional and mental health from anywhere and at anytime with TTE's deCODE BLUEprint. This is our mobile based MYND-Behavior screener and assessments. deCODE BLUEprint offers a diagnostic screener that helps us determine and customize the best assessment plan for each client. deCODE BLUEprint delivers daily check-in measures which can be configured to collect frequent snapshots of an athlete's mood, energy, symptoms, sleep quality, and more. 

Athlete Name

MYND-Behavior Code

 Example of deCODE BLUEprint Plan

  • Diagnostic screener

  • Personalized MYND-Behavior assessments (delivered on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule)

  • Daily check-ins (2 minutes or less) to track progress in emotional, mental, and behavorial health system


Subscribe to deCODE BLUEprint or receive a free subscription when your enroll in the MasterMYND Behavior Alignment Program (MBA Program).

Click here for information about the MBA Program 

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